A tribute to a certain TV show. Work it out...

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         1   In France, they let in accomplished PM once (6)
          4   Sailor remains heartless and drops (6)
          8   Home-made boxes force louse to the right? (7)
          9   A PM no Scotsman welcomed about-turning (7)
        11   Assimilate host: Eliot beams (10)
        12   See 15 Down
        13   A light caution: this nectar is alcoholic! (5)
        14   A day-student in wood runs by foot (8)
        16   Runs by supporter sporting slender figure (8)
        18   Prepares declarations when caught out (5)
        20   Sleeps with scantily robed seductress (4)
        21   Pet feeling inspired by Eno taken back (10)
        23   Game insect hosts terrible quiz (7)
        24   Namer of outcome after reflection (7)
        25   Lamented opinion articulated (6)
        26   Bogey, n.: dread (obsolete) (6)

     1   Like Bruckner's 7th? Before, Auden registered a complaint (5)
     2   Script with bit of dialogue on lifting up underwear (6,1)
     3   Delegate abroad exposes duck turning beige (9)
     5   Left during camp, being too cool (5)
     6   Blistered sap at first poured forth (7)
     7   Perhaps what a philanderer should do with only misses (9)
   10   Paying attention to topless flashing (9)

   13   Those who get absolved to hear vices (9)
15/12     "Idly serve and obey" becomes 21's mantra? (9,4)
   17   With which pinging becomes ring scratching (7)
   19   Conceived in you to row loudly (2,5)
   21   Put up in hospital: extremely amputated, you see (5)
   22   To pursue 9 at first; she deliberated about answer (5)

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