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1 May fall for shining light (10)
6 Queries task supervisor's grip (4)
9 Holding back from toppings on pie (10)
10 Brand of trimmed winter garment (4)
12 Showing of rat before release? (5,7)
15 More autumnal? A relief, sort of (7)
16 Largely dispensable sewers (7)
17 Private covers for weak spouses, say? (1-6)
19 Gentle German air turning around part of play (7)
20 Peculiarity in broadcast of sonic rays in shoddy DIY housing (12)
23 Draw, and so on: that's hot (4)
24 Breaking up of idle motion, perhaps (10)
25 Sound has heard of scent (4)
26 Contemporary description of student with fag-end (10)

1 Parking in reserved lines (4)
2 Haunt set inside (4)
3 One who looks to push on about Anton's pixies (12)
4 Mailed or mentioned to beastly man (7)
5 Skittles? for less than ten pence? Fine, essentially (4-3)
7 Almost breathe in his sentence: that's how it goes (4,2,4)
8 In an aggressive tone, her sly manipulating admits to desire (10)

11 Drums perhaps brought down after concerning kickback (12)
13 Gaelic pony made for a moving target (4,6)
14 Top covers of items in a musical? (10)
18 Envy, perhaps, clairvoyant declared for real (7)
19 Stop watching that which disgusts you (4-3)
21 Key in clock face (4)
22 Eat up, woman! (4)

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